Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with a credit card?

Cash is always our best and first option but we can do PayPay as an option

How do I book or reserve a date?

Just fill out the Contact info on the Home page or send us an email ( and we'll add you on our agenda. Make sure you include your dates you want to dive. You can also check out our Calander to see if we are fully booked on any particular day or where we are going (usually East or West).

How many divers do you usually have on a trip?

We usually have between 2 to 6 divers on any given trip but 8 is the max.

I'm diving with another dive shop while I'm there, can I still go on a trip with you?

Absolutely! We work with several of the dive shops (and freelancers) here. Just have them book your trip with us. They may even be able to privode a familiar face for you on the trip!

What does "lunch" consist of?

Every 2-tank trip includes lunch. We provide a variety of sliced meats and cheeses for sandwiches and a very nice fruit salad! We also have water and soda for drinks. Not only do you get a great lunch but it's a nice time to relax and talk about the dive and for most trips, an opportunity to get off the boat and snorkel with either turtles (West) or Giant Sea Stars (East).

Can we book a private trip?

Yes! However if we already have divers booked on that day we may need to adjust your date. You can always check our Calendar page to make sure we have availability.

Does the cost include equipment?

The prices listed on the Dive Trips do not include rental equipment. However we can always make a package deal if you are planning multiple trips or multiple divers. Just drop us a note!

I am traveling alone. Will you take single divers?

Yes! Please give us plenty of notice to see if we can get a few more or we may ask if you can be flexible in your schedule.

Do you offer a pickup service?

Typically we do not have a pickup service. BUT let us know and we'll see what we can work out.

I'm coming to Curacao on a cruise ship. Can I do a trip with you?

It really depends on your ships arrival and departure times. You will need to consider travel time to and from the cruise ship terminal as well as the trip time.

Will our dive time be dependant on who gets low on air first?

We like to keep our dives at about an hour but it we have divers who cannot make that time we can send them back to the boat while the others finish the hour. Since we only do drift dives, the boat is always with the divers so finishing early is not a big deal.

Where is the best place to see "big animals" on Curacao?

Unfortunately, we are not known for seeing big animals very often here. You really have just as much of a chance at seeing something big at any site and if you do you are very lucky! Many seem to think that getting away from the regular sites will give them a better chance but honestly even on the remote sites we get to we see them only rarely.