Eastpoint (Oostpunt) Trips

Our Eastpoint trips give you access to the very best diving on Curacao! The Eastern reef system is absolutely amazing and has more physical coral coverage than anywhere else on the island including Klein Curacao. There are 6 miles of reef within the Eastern system and there is a very good chance you will have it all to yourself as it is only accessible by boat. The majority of diving on the island is north of Jan Theil so you won't have to worry about crowded dive sites!

Our typical Eastpoint trip begins at the Fisherman's Marina at 0900 where we get everyone set up. By 0930 we are heading down to the East on our fast RIB. Sea conditions often determine our exact dive site but you can be sure it will be amazing! Boat travel time to East Point is usually about 35 minutes. By 1030 you should be in the water beginning your 50 - 60 minute drift dive. The boat will follow the guide's dive flag so there is no worry about getting lost! Once back on board, we will do a ~60 surface interval and lunch at either Awa Di Oostpunt or Fuikbaai. By 1230 you should be starting you second 50 - 60 minute dive. We will return to the Fisherman's Marina around 1330 - 1400.


Westpoint Trips