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Adventure Boat Diving at its Very Best!
The "Eastpoint Specialists!"


Rather not dive with huge groups of divers? Want to see what a real healthy reef looks like? Looking for something a bit different?

You have just found the most unique Scuba Diving boat trip on Curaçao!

At Dive Charter Curaçao, diving with a personal touch is what we are all about!

The Dive Charter Curacao RIB


Our beloved Eastpoint (Oostpunt) is officially a National Marine Park!

Google Earth shows our beautiful reef (in 360 underwater views) at Eastpoint.

Link to Google Earth's view of Eastpoint. Click Street View icon to show dive sites.



Dive Charter Curacao (a CHATA member) has become known as the Adventure Scuba Diving operation on Curacao. Check out our amazing Dive Trips and Dive Sites we can take you to. All of us at Dive Charter Curacao are experienced divers and love showing others just how amazing our reefs here are. One might call us a boutique boat diving operation as we specialize in small groups of divers (max 8) looking to get off the beaten path and see some of the healthiest reefs in the entire Caribbean and the absolute best sites on the island. Our love for Scuba Diving drives who we are and what we do. Every. Single. Day.


  • What makes you "unique?"

    • It's mostly about a personal touch. We can go when and where YOU want. We call it Boutique Boat Diving!

  • Why do you call it "Adventure Diving?"

    • The "Adventure" part is the exciting boat ride to your dive sites

  • What is a "drift dive?"

    • A "drift dive" means you simply go with the current and the boat follows your guide's dive flag.

  • Is this for advanced divers only?

    • NO! Our typical dive profile is above 60 ft/20 m and there will always be a professional in the water with you at all times.

  • What is so special about Eastpoint (Oostpunt)?

    • "Eastpoint" is 6 miles of the healthiest reef on Curacao and one of the best in the entire Caribbean! It is only accessible by boat and is actually still growing. This fact is well documented!

  • Do you take non-divers?

    • Yes but... Some trips are excellent for snorkeling opportunities while others dive.

  • Can I use Nitrox?

    • Yes you can bring it or let us know ahead of time so we can get it for you. There is an additional charge for Nitrox.

  • How long are the dives?

    • We like to keep our max dive time to 60 minutes.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    • We have local, club, group, and multi-trip options.

  • Will I see sharks?

    • Hmmm you will just have to join us and see!

  • What is KK's favorite color?

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Drop us a note and let's plan an amazing trip for you!


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The Team

KK Saying hi


Owner, PADI Dive Master, Photographer, loves Purple!

See KK's amazing pictures on Instagram or go to her store page!

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Owner, Captain, PADI OWSI

Ex USAF and Software Engineer


The Boat

25 ft Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)

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